Is there a heart driven self-leader inside you in the pursuit of your potential?

There are some inspiring definitions for Self-Leadership. Self Leaders are people that serve as the Chief, Captain, and CEO of their own life, intentionally influencing their thoughts feelings and actions towards their objectives. Also known as personal mastery, being in a continual learning mode and never really ‘arriving’, with the hallmark ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives. 


We make decisions about ourselves and what is possible for us all the time. If there is even a fibre inside of you that craves something more than ‘what is’ then you are listening to the the clues that want to pull you forward. The whisper of the heart driven self-leader. Leadership doesn't have to happen on a stage, or with a following. It doesn't have to be validated or visible to others. The leader within may be subtle. A soft hum that steers you on your true path, your calling. To me, it's not in fulfilling our potential that we arrive, because there are no guarantees that we will get what we want. Rather, it is who we become along the way in the pursuit of that potential is what I call the path of the self-leader. 


The self-leaders that I have coached are continuously willing to take a good look inside. No matter who they are, where they work, or what titles they have, they are committed to the internal journey with continuous curiosity. A clear desire to make personal and professional choices aligned with vision and values. It takes courage and commitment to make complex life choices, to not loose yourself in the noise of the world. 

  • Do you find yourself driven by a deeper desire to discover, define, and fulfil more in your life? 

  • Do you want to fully explore the possibilities of your next important decision?

  • Are you struggling to maintain work life balance while you advance your career and develop as an inspiring leader?

  • Are you in a life or career transition, but you cant decide what you need to do next?

  • Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled, unsure about what you want, but you know something has to change?

  • Do you feel like you are trying to connect to some simplicity and joy to help you stay grounded?

  • Do you desire to have a regular thinking partner in your life who can be a mirror for you to support your self-awareness?



Will help you get past the layers of confusion and complexity. You will find meaning and direction in your decisions, you will feel more clear about your priorities, and you will be more sure about what to do next, when, and how.



Listen deeply, to be very present and hold space for ‘what is’ true for them in their current reality, and because they feel a sense of calm. My style is reflective, gentle, logical and I will ask pivotal questions. I enjoy sharing resources when it’s relevant. 


Internal barriers, found direction, had deeper realisations for their path, felt freed in profound ways, had insights that stick, are more happy and focused, taken action when procrastinating, and live with an increased satisfaction in their decisions. See what clients say.


Sessions take place via video call or phone call. I'm London based and coach globally. The chemistry and connection is really important. Contact me for a no-fee 30 minute consultation.



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