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Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching.jpg
Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching
Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching
Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching.jpg
Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching.jpg


The Colour Workshops merge the language of colour with the art of questions to help you express your stories, feelings and ideas using paint and colour. You will be able to visually experience your story in the abstract. The workshops are designed for self-discovery in the spirit of insight and growth. Your self-expression will go beyond the words, beyond obvious thought, into an enjoyable and instinctive creative colourful experience.


Embedded in us are our life’s stories. Treasures and truths that make us who we are. We don’t always have time to define them, or journal on them, or to reflect on how they continue to impact us as we evolve. Sometimes we don’t have the right words for them, or we choose to stay deeply quiet because sometimes it’s just easier that way. And yet, these stories carry clues and information that are linked to what we want and what matters to us.  


The artistic expression of emotions is known to be good for healing, de-stressing, reflection, insight, encouragement. It can also reveal perspective, symbolism, appreciation and transformation. Maybe you are looking for some time to reflect in your busy day, or you are craving a therapeutic creative experience, or you want to explore your life’s vision, or perhaps you want to be playful with colour in your life. The Colour Workshops enable you to trust and build confidence in your instincts, allowing ideas to emerge naturally. This is also great fun and very satisfying.



Discover their strengths, find direction, and recognise what matters most to them. Others have assigned meaning to specific colours and found ways to enhance their lives by including more of these colours.



Creative, calming, insightful, deep, fun, enjoyable, meaningful, freeing, different, creative, fascinating, releasing, and delightful. 



Workshops are LIVE, online, in small groups (2 min / 5 max), giving everyone a chance to share what they are creating in a safe and non-judgemental space. Every attendee is the sole interpreter of their abstract expression. (Please note, while some find these workshops therapeutic, they are not Art Therapy). Art experience is NOT required. It is not about creating great artwork, it is about free self-expression on canvas. 



Information about supplies will be provided when you book. You may also use the supplies you have, medium of choice, or use a digital app if you want to.


For personalised groups. For an organisation. As a self-development 'gift' experience. For self-development on special occasions to encourage positivity and appreciation. Contact for more information.

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