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 Bespoke expression of your essential story.

As a Quiet Leader with a brave story, you need to put yourself on a platform if you want your courage to leave the mark that truly represents you.


A part of you knows you are the example others need, but you stay quiet and keep your wisdom in the background. Its safer and easier that way, plus, then you don't have to deal with the doubt you feel. Doubts about who would be interested in your back story?


And even when you entertain the idea of sharing your story, you can't quite land the right way to share it, so you stay small to avoid fear of being misunderstood. 

But deep down a part of you feels something important about your life remains untold. It feels incomplete, missing, you're not seen for the truth of your wisdom. 


You sometimes try to capture the keys that you want to express, but it doesn't quite land. There's still a haze you can't get past, and so you brush off the idea and tell yourself it's not a big deal.

Maybe you've had a bio or an article written, great, but it stays on the surface and doesn't get deep enough into your core, your identity, into the power of your vulnerability and humanness of your courage. 


Meanwhile, ultimate truths that have shaped your life, love, and leadership style, remain hidden and locked away in your thoughts and your inner world.


The reality is that you've navigated complex situations that tested your power and ability to think for yourself, with great strength. By exploring it, understanding it, defining it, and letting it have voice and visibility, you will have the clarity that merges you with your story.


Journey To Story gives you the clarity you seek about your story, with an elegant platform to share your story from. With written and creative visual imagery, you can finally be fully expressed and uplifted by your distinct life story, the story that you want to be known for...


...the one that touches lives and leaves a mark.

Your life has a kind of wisdom and intelligence that is yours and yours alone.

The journey to your story is a culmination of defining moments that connect your

past, present, and future. The beauty of your unique constellation.

Give your story voice and visibility to share across your community

for joy, sentiment, remembrance, recognition, and even for others to gain learning and inspiration.





 "These stories are to be shared

to lift peoples spirit."

Lily, Reader

Over the years I've worked as a coach, designer, personal assistant, administrator, in administrative accounting, and been an involved in home organisation and decluttering projects. I've been in personal development for 9 years. My ability to sort, organise, prioritise, categorise, create, write evocatively, stay curious, hold space, and listen to your heart, are all the things that I bring to the table when we partner on this journey. 

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I believe each story has within it a light that is the compass someone else is searching for.


Journey To Story is my method for Quiet Leaders with brave stories to stop minimising their truth and wisdom, and to emerge and give voice and visibility to the difference they make.

If you really want to discover and capture the essence of who you are, your choices, your motivations, your impact, then Journey To Story will ground your self-perception, lift your heart, and plant the seeds of your legacy story.


And, you will have the clarity and confidence of core story that you are seeking.


1)   30 minute complimentary conversation.
2)   90 minute coaching to uncover your back story.
3)   You start building your story over and send to me for review.
4)   60 minute mentoring to deepen your story.
5)   Initiation of visual expression elements.
6)   You finalise your story while I put together the visual content.
7)   I curate your dedicated page.
8)   60 minute tandem review and final edits before it goes live!


  • A personalised dedicated story page with a link for you to share with your loved ones, your community, your audience.

  • 4 hours with me to help you develop your story and your page.

  • Bespoke visual content to capture your story in imagery and colour.

  • My support to review your story pre-session to be in sync with you for the best outcome from our 1:1 sessions.

  • Social sharing and visibility on my networks when your story is completed (optional).

  • An about me, bio, a personal story, a way of representing yourself that will fulfil the yearning to express your message.


  • A story that you can share as personal sentiment, as a dedication, visibility, recognition, or even for promotion. 


  • A story that leaves a mark that you can feel proud of.



Let's get your story visible.
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