Supporting the transition from your Business, Executive, or Corporate Career to your Coaching Business

The Mid-Career Transition to Coaching Programme is for mid-career men and women at the peak of their corporate or business life who crave their own ideal coaching practice. With coaching qualifications already under their belt, they want support through the personal and professional complexities to successfully transition into a new self-made career. The Programme consists of a series of personalised individual in-depth coaching sessions, conveniently delivered online. Each session leads to clarity around the risks and rewards of fulfilling this transition with a meaningful and well-considered strategy.


1.   What you want and why - The change, and the responsibilities that come with the career

2.   Assessing risk and reward - The circumstances and the motivation        

3.   Your ideal business and lifestyle - The vision, the energy, the drivers

4.   Balancing choices - The professional choices that impact the personal/family life

5.   Financial truths - The timing and plan for sustainability in a transition

6.   Personal health - The importance of personal well being during the transition

7.   Practical steps - The first steps to start the process

8.   Temporary status - The side effects of short term 'no status'

9.   Emotional landscape - The awareness and resilience you want to anchor

10. Action & emotions - The well considered decisions that support your whole self


  • Affordable customised support (contact for pricing)

  • Convenient access online, saving you time

  • In-depth mindset awareness  

  • Clarity on lifestyle goals and desired outcome

  • Clarity on action and direction               

  • Determine your priorities

  • Support through blocks and confusion

  • Address issues holding you back



No of Sessions   10 sessions, 60 minutes per session   

Valid                Use anytime within a 6 month period
Video               Zoom Link Video Conference Call


Rate                 Package of 10 sessions    

                      Contact for pricing


The Programme is designed to provide support from a coach that is not solely influenced with a corporate background, and in fact has an eclectic range of work experience. This keeps the curiosity open like a blank canvas to deeply explore a new direction with fresh perspective. The coach is experienced in supporting clients specifically during career transitions and is a credentialed professional coach.  


The coach recognises that many times status and titles have played an important role. Not only from others in a professional and social context but even within the individual self. The attachment to the labels are a mark of hard earned achievement. It is difficult during a transition to take the flag down for a while and be perceived as non-directional.

Openly exploring limited beliefs and blocks with a skilled coach who has no prior corporate background makes room for more openness and truthfulness. The coach knows the resistance is difficult because the client may be walking away from an already successful career which is no longer the true desire. The risk of turning away from established success to turn towards a sea of uncertainty is one of the most difficult decisions to make when the client is already on a summit.

The Programme is designed to support the client to manage the moving and changing components of a new business transition with mindset awareness and well considered decisions.