Express Your Courage

I love Brene Brown's message.

She has an important message that many of us can relate to at a human level.

This is one of my favourite images of her.

If you do not know of Brene Brown, she is a social scientist that researches shame and vulnerability, and talks about the courage to share our stories, and the anatomy of trust. She is well known for her Ted Talks.

Photo taken by Andrea Scher.

In a recent interview about his new book, Master the Laws of Human Nature, author Robert Greene explained that no matter the challenges he faced in completing the book, he was committed to it because, in his words, "I expressed what my life was meant to express". What a beautiful perspective.

"I expressed what my life was meant to express"

I love this picture of Brene Brown and the idea of seeing ourselves in courageous ways, it’s heartwarming.

In the spirit of human connection, that we all go through our own tough stuff, what word or words would you choose as an expression of your life?

When you land on the word, the message, the expression that matters to you, keep it close to your heart.


What do you want your life to express, no matter what?

What is courageous about you?

What do you believe in that really matters to you every day about who you are and how you show up?