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What Are Your Messengers Telling You?

People come and go from our lives even though it may not be in the way we want it to happen. Do you ever wonder what to make of these experiences when they seem incomplete or un-concluded?

This was left unanswered for me for a long time until a beautiful strong woman spoke wisdom to me. She said, sometimes people come into our lives to deliver a message.

As I shifted into new thought, I decided to keep a memory of everyone that has come into my life and graced me with a powerful message. Here are some of the messages that play a continuous role in my life:

• You think the Universe did it, but I think YOU did it.

• On the other side of your threshold is your greatness.

• Often, someone's greatest strength is also their biggest weakness.

• The farther you fall, the farther you fly.

• I trust you, that you know what you want.

• Do you want to be a follower or a leader?

• Celebrate that you are great and that you are flawed, your whole self.

• Be pulled in a direction instead of being pushed.

• I am love, but I have standards. (Daneille Leporte)

• When you take one step towards Grace, Grace takes a thousand steps towards you.

(Brandon Bays)

Some of these messengers have come and gone, some are still with me, and some have been random encounters. What matters more is that I was nudged to pay attention to the messages that pivoted my perception.

Join me. Capture the smallest things said in passing that could make the biggest difference to how you see yourself.


Who are your messengers?

What is the empowering message they left you with that cannot go unnoticed?


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