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A Flower of Life

In numerology it is said that we choose our name before we are born, and somehow it becomes a part of our parents consciousness. 


Prafulla means 'in bloom'. All would unitedly say that she was true to her name. She was the Rose of the family. Roses are loved by everyone, as was Prafulla.


A flower fills hearts with joy in the moment. Beauty, grace, colour, aroma. A pureness connected to divine innocence. A flower gives just by being present, and expects nothing in return. We can see them or we can turn away, but that doesn't stop any flower from giving it's beauty into existence. What a flower has to offer is ever-present. It is not dependant on anything or anyone else. It simply exists. Flowing with the wind.


Prafulla had this same quality of divine innocence. Her love flowed in the same way. Gentleness, softness, pure intentions towards others, smiling as she expressed herself.


She was famous for her cooking skills. Luminary, in fact, and yet always humble about her success. Accomplished in elaborate Gujarati recipes, every person who experienced her food speaks of the wonder in it. The signature taste, the authentic aroma, the homemade difference. Of course all this was partnered with an unmatched ability to plan, prepare, scope and scale each event. It could be a family gathering, or a community gathering, all occasions were welcome. 


She worked hard but never actually thought of it as work. Cooking and nourishing others with her food was her passion. It is said that her legendary samosa recipe is 17 pages long. Now imagine that. Lets for a moment take a look at what that means. I call it innate wisdom. When someone knows something so well, it is so consolidated inside them, the knowledge and ability is so deep, so advanced, that it is almost unteachable. 


This kind of great wisdom represents many things. Such as, lineage, history, heritage, ancestry, and the land we come from. Prafulla holds a torch for the women of an era who are self-educated scientists. This is no small thing. Lets give some overdue recognition to these women. Food is an art and a science after all. They could only rely on what they inherited 'in-house' to figure out the nuances on their own. The know hows of cutting, planning, preparing, timing, temperature, ingredients, measurements, shaping, storage, preserving and even packaging. Irreplaceable knowledge exclusive to each generation.


Dear ones say that she was not only a culinary queen, but also exceptional in knitting and embroidery design. She didn't need to shine in school to be financially astute and aware. She commercialised her natural gifts which contributed to the family and kept her independent throughout her life. She would fully complete anything she started, no matter the challenges. She took everything in her stride and conducted herself with dignity, maturity and grace. They long to carry forward her virtues of giving, forgiving, and loving unconditionally.


Prafulla is remembered for her simple kind nature. A rose that lived a full life. Like a flower she gave wholeheartedly and asked for nothing in return.

Her legacy will carry within it an endless blessing for each and every member of her family. And if that blessing had words, it would say: 

My beloved children, know that the breeze will come and go.

And when you see thorns, just flow.

Trust that somewhere inside of you, you have all your beauty and all your petals. 

You have what it takes.

And no matter where life takes you, you have the wisdom to bloom where you are planted.



1935 - 2020

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