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Much of life remains a mystery. Why is a Mothers timeline longer than her Children’s? Why do we feel love even when there’s differences? Why is there beauty and balance even when the elements are separate?


I don’t know. It is what it is. Expressing a calling does not require one to know, it requires one to listen, accept idea, and to be bold enough to let it have a place.


The legacy of Ramkuverba represents an ongoing thread of love with a reminder that life unapologetically lends us grief as well as glory while we borrow time. 


Often I witness her being remembered dearly by my Mother. Her wisdom continues to guide the Women she embraced as her own.


To the ancient Grand Mother who bestows blessings upon her modern Children. With compassion, and sacred song that mysteriously timed it's arrival to this calling.

This poem also incorporates inspiration from Rum's poem 'The Field' and the song 'Rose' by Ayla Shafer.

Red Love

Who am I to write this? I am no one.

I am in the Field, the Field is in me.


The Field says: take the fire of death

and strike it with love, I dare you.


Blood whispers: know where you come from.

Remember that blue will come,

and blue will go.


Never will your heart glow red,

when you are repeatedly not in flow

with the thread.


To be in flow is to know.

To know the truth of what came first.

What came first was you and me, and Mother.


You and Me, our love, and the Field.

See? Our love came first.

The love came before the blue.

No one makes the case.

The case in the shadow, the unclaimed case.

If you go, I go. If I go, you go. And so, we go.


The irony no one will see is: 

the fire of death circles the fire of love.

Because, love came first.


Love has an order.

Like every case that needs an order,

blood makes it's case:

The only real case, the only real order, is the order of love!


Don’t get lost in the blue,

get found in the Field.


In any case, sooner or later, there will be a fire,

and you will have to strike it red with love.

1903 - 1989

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song by Ayla Schafer




Softening all the hardness 
Melting all that’s frozen 
Letting go of the sorrow 
Dissolving into love all the shadow 

We are woman, we are bringers of life 
We are vessels of love, expressions of the divine 
Sisters hold my hand, you are stronger than you know 
We are opening to love, we are learning how to grow 
We hear the call, we are returning we remember 
We are like the rose we are stronger than we know

Ancient mother, moving through us 
Roots growing deep in our ancestry 
Medicine woman, daughter, mother and lover 
Reclaiming the power of our sacred memory


Rose, from Silent VoicesAyla Schafer
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All song credits and copyrights belong to Ayla Schafer

Ayla's music is available for purchase on Bandcamp

from Silent Voices, track released October 6, 2020

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