What I can help you with.

Over the years I have accumulated experience in an eclectic mix of opportunities, gained across multiple sectors that include design, retail corporate, education, accounting, and self-development. I’ve experienced working as a coach, designer, administrator and coordinator. 


Methodical and process driven, core strength is the ability to analyse, organise, simplify, and implement methods to improve overall objective. I have years of experience in home organising, organising space, ideas, and information efficiently, and with visual clarity. 


Creative experiences include designing soft furnishings, crystal jewellery, photobooks, colour workshops, and visual writing. I’m known to be deeply present with coaching clients, enabling them to feel calm and heard. 


I continue to engage in projects and activities across personal development, coaching, writing, editorial groups, and practical creativity. 

I currently freelance in areas where I can apply my blended experience.

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I'm a certified Art4Healing® Method Facilitator.

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