Anjli Gheewala's first career was as a textile designer. She is the winner of a student design award from the Royal Society of Arts which lead her to designing furnishing fabrics for John Lewis. Her background is eclectic, spanning art & design and weaving to administrative roles. 


Wherever she's worked she's reorganised and streamlined for effectiveness. She is meticulous, methodical and loves to simplify processes. 


She is a qualified Transformational Life Coach. Her interest in self development and mindset has drawn her into coaching mid-career men and women in career transitions as well as helping clients redesign their life and work environment for a more meaningful fulfilling life. 


She is excellent at listening and holding space. Her intention is to enable the client to really express in depth the nuances of their feelings, circumstances, situations, complications, thereby allowing change to emerge from within them. She believes a lot can shift simply from being understood deeply. 


In addition to her Transformational Coaching Diploma, Anjli is also certified in Positive Psychology, Group Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence. She is a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisors). 


She regularly pursues her own self-development and awareness because she believes coaching is so transformative. 


Her accumulated experience in organising at different levels means that she can adapt consulting and coaching to help her clients have perspective and direction, yet also give them the room to figure out what is authentically best for them as individuals. 


She blogs about 'The Meaning Of Life', loves colour field art, practices Tai Chai and takes joy from the simple things in life. View her art, design, colour, textiles, and visual stories in the Eclectic Evolving Gallery.