Anjli Gheewala's first career was as a woven textile designer. She is the winner of a student design award from the Royal Society of Arts which lead her to the role of Designer and Colourist for John Lewis furnishing fabrics. Her background is eclectic, spanning art & design to administrative roles. 

Weaving commands a blend of art, math, and precision. Creativity, logic, and an ability to pay attention to detail with the fabric vision in mind. 

Wherever she's worked she's reorganised and streamlined for effectiveness. She is meticulous, methodical and loves to simplify processes. She has a strong creative side that shows up in practical ways. From planning ideas to finishing touches on projects, it comes naturally to her to coordinate presentation and style with simplicity, colour, and spaciousness.


She is a qualified Transformational Life Coach. Her coaching supports heart driven self leaders to stay connected with their potential, and to not get lost in the noise of the world. She is excellent at listening and holding space. Her intention is to enable the client to really express in depth the nuances of their feelings, circumstances, situations, complications, thereby allowing change to emerge from within them. She believes a lot can shift simply from being understood deeply. 

Her connection to art, creativity, colour, design and her deep interest in self-development has drawn her into blending her art training with her coaching skills. She facilitates Art & Story workshops designed for insight and growth. Her workshops are about visually experiencing stories in the abstract using paint and colour. They explore a beautiful range of themes in the vein of positivity, possibility, and potential.

The coaching and the art workshops are effective independent of each other and they can compliment each other. She uses both to help clients explore what really matters to them. 

She regularly pursues her own self-development and believes that true transformation, the sustainable kind, is layered and happens in stages over time. Somewhere in the consistent pursuit of whatever it is we are seeking, we pick up pieces that we couldn't see before: empowering clarity, balance, inner compass, self-awareness, and much more. And we get to keep these pieces until they accumulate enough to become the pillars that let us stand in a new way.

Anjli feels drawn to practical wisdom and she writes about these concepts in her blog. She absolutely loves colour, colour field art, and colour for life enhancement. She practices Tai Chai and takes joy from the simple things in life. View her art, design, colour, textiles, and visual stories in the Gallery.