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Managing Director & Executive Coach, Male, London

In every session I have experienced significant break-throughs that enabled me to shift my behaviours and overcome my blocking points. Anjli has a unique combination of great listening skills, gentle yet powerful questioning and an absolute mastery of space holding, giving the coachee a lot of room to elaborate and reflect on the issues at hand. Anjli has also great intuition, and always spots the key points. She helped me overcome internal barriers I had not been able to solve in several years.

Business Unit Leader & Executive Coach, Male, London / Paris

Anjli is a very good coach. Great listening skills, excellent re-framing and re-contracting, and many challenging questions. She has a great ability to keep the discussion focused on what is most valuable to the client. She helped me in finding the right direction, among the many options I brought to the table. I appreciated that Anjli has no corporate/business background. In fact the contrast helped me get an invaluable and different perspective on my thoughts/behaviors. I gained a lot from it.

Michael William Byrne, Peak Performance Coach, Male, Berlin

Anjli worked with me during a real testing time in my life. I had just founded a company but was still left feeling unsatisfied and the balance of what actually made me happy was not right. She helped me realign myself through her presence and support and as a result, I was able to re-direct myself. Through the self-discovery and realisation that I was in complete control of my destiny and what I wanted and needed in my life.  I am now living a much more fulfilled and happy life as a result of the coaching process. I would recommend Anjli as a coach for anybody embarking on a career change or feeling stuck in their life.

Musician, Female, Los Angeles

Anjli is kind, gentle, respectful. She becomes more active with directed questions when needed. She creates a completely safe environment in which the client can come to their own conclusions and move forward in life. A skilled listener. Completely non-judgmental and intuitive. I believe she is powerfully present. When I was listened to by a person who is that present herself, the presence alone helped me come to deeper realisations, understandings, and next steps I could take along my path.

Play-writer, Female, Los Angeles

This is no endless dwelling on issues. Instead, the insights and solutions are provoked from you in a startlingly fast way, while feeling very organic and gentle. It's incredibly empowering to discover that you do have the answers inside of you, and that with the right guidance, those answers emerge with such clarity and power that you feel newly freed in profound ways. I think too, most significantly, that because the answers are ultimately coming from you and not being supplied to you, they feel that much more resonant; the answers and insights stick.

Trainee Psychotherapist, Female, London

I felt a change in my attitude for the better. I felt centred with new realisations. I have awareness and an increased element of satisfaction with my decisions. This work also reinforced how useful it is to have a sounding board. Additionally, great listening skills, understanding and ways in presenting interpretations in a diplomatic, sincere manner. Useful observations and questioning. The positives gained are reassuring and have brought me calmness as well as new understandings to take forward. Anjli is easy to connect to, and by nature a warm, empathetic, and patient. It allowed me to open up honestly. The work was genuinely geared towards ensuring responses are true to me for my own benefit. 


Colour Therapist, Female, London

Coaching from Anjli really helped me clarify my thoughts. She held the space really well and her thought provoking questions along with concise reflections enabled me to start taking action where I had been procrastinating.

Sales Enablement Manager, Executive Coach, Female, London

Anjli has helped me to not only create a shift but also noticing and appreciating it. Going from lacking energy, stressed, and stuck in an unhappy relationship to a more calm, happier and focused person. I'm so thankful for this shift.

Hospitality Manager, Female, London

Anjli helped me to declutter and to help rearrange my day to day items within the space I had allocated for them. I had a great experience and discovered new perspective which helped me to make better and more practical decisions.

Meera Mavani, Homemaker, Female, London

With Anjli, I found all the solutions I needed to declutter my closet, bedroom, kitchen and other small spaces. After working with her I feel satisfied with the art of living in an orderly, uncluttered and highly functional dwelling. No matter the category, Anjli offered brilliant organising tips to tackle every area of my home. She helped me work through practical, emotional, and visual placement so I can let go of clutter stress, and stay mess free at home. She offered solutions and ideas that last, and are easy to maintain on my own. She encouraged me to improvise with items I have already instead of buying new storage supplies as such as boxes and containers. She believes this is the best way to save time, money, and effort. With her vision, ideas, and organising methods I am experiencing a chaos-free home. What a difference it has made to how I feel in my home! 


Teacher, Female, Los Angeles 

Self Leadership & Vision Workshop

I loved seeing other's inspiration and explanations. I enjoyed the serenity of using paint as my art medium. The activities helped me tap into various emotions and look inward. I enjoyed the intros and the small intimate class size. Art is personal, and this coach was very personable and warm.

Hospitality Manager, Female, Los Angeles

Self Leadership & Vision Workshop

Anjli is very skillful what she is doing, I love listening to her voice, very soothing. I loved this guided workshop where you can find out new things about yourself through a little bit of art projects. It really made me think!

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