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Fun colour explorations from the comfort of your home.


Take an hour to release stress and relax with a colour exploration workshop.

Let go of tension and be playful again.

Anjli Gheewala, Colour Workshops
art experience is NOT required!
The artistic expression of emotions is known to be good for healing, de-stressing, reflection, insight, encouragement.
It can also reveal perspective, symbolism, appreciation and transformation. 
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The Workshops consist of a series of guided exercises to express your feelings spontaneously with paint

(or medium of choice). An enjoyable and instinctive creative colourful experience.

Need some time to reflect in your busy day? Craving a therapeutic creative experience?

Have the urge to explore something new? Or you simply love the idea of playing with colourful expression?


A Colour Workshop will build trust and confidence and joy as your insights unfold naturally. 

Colour Workshops © Anjli Gheewala


Participants say they:

discover their strengths, find direction,

and recognise what matters most to them.


Others have assigned meaning to specific colours

and found ways to enhance their lives

by including more of these colours.


Workshops have been described as:

creative, calming, insightful, deep,

fun, enjoyable, meaningful, freeing, different,

creative, fascinating, releasing, and delightful.


  • Live online small groups (max 5).

  • Safe and non-judgemental space to share.

  • Each attendee is the sole interpreter of their abstract expression.

  • Information about supplies will be provided when you book.

  • You may also use the supplies you have, medium of choice, or use a digital paint app.

(While some find these workshops therapeutic, they are not Art Therapy). 

Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching


I'm a certified Art4Healing® Method Facilitator. I have a degree in textile design. In 1994 I won a national competition Student Design Award from Royal Society of Arts which lead me to work as a soft furnishings designer and colourist for John Lewis.


If there is one form of art I love it's abstract paintings with fields of colour, known as 'Colour Field Painting'. They may seem like simple blocks of colour, but they are deeply powerful and moving. My heritage celebrates colour and my love of colour has influenced my ideas, my creativity, and my imagination for as long as I can remember. I have distinct memories about colour from my formative years that symbolise joy and empowerment.


The Colour Workshops help people discover their colour stories, as a result they can use colour to represent more of what they want in their life and lifestyle.


View my collection of art, design, colour, textiles, and visual stories in the Gallery.

© Anjli Gheewala, Art & Coaching.jpg

Private group workshops available upon request.  

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